20170613 - Fireflies

20170613 - Up in the am and in to work. the place is full of people today, shooting video and having meetings. Justin and retreated to the back to get things done. Very busy, hectic, and stressful day. After the last escalation for the day I packed up and headed south to Ashville OH to watch D sit the bench for an entire game... I did stop at a local gas station/subway and get to listen to a local guy rant about the 9/11 conspiracy to the subway employee that should have been making my sub... Got subs, went to the field and joined L & DGF7 where we watched G be the bat boy and D be the comedian. G&I rode home together, he was pretty quiet. We got home and G&I caught 20 fireflies. We went in when it got to buggy and watched some TV. I was up late getting an update out to D's team about the upcoming trip to WV.