20160611 - First Pitch

20160611 - Up, packed and back to Sikorski's Home Plate for the yummy bfast buffet.  On to Athens where J&I dropped off D at the field and then went to a couple of yard sales and check out the town.  We got to D's game as it started.  D didn't play the whole first game except in as a designated hitter the last inning.  The boys won the first game and we all took a break for lunch.  The 2nd game started and D was in left field for the 1st 2 innings and then was pulled up to pitch :-o  he did great!  His first inning pitching he threw 7 pitches and the inning was over.  The second and third innings for him became a struggle as the umpire was not calling things well (confirmed by the catcher...)  D also had the best hit of his life;  The ball hit the fence in center field at the 370 mark, WOW!!!  In the end we lost the second game in much argument with the umps...  We headed home.  Stopped at a Chinese place in Lancaster on the way for a bite to eat.  We got home, got Lilly fed, laundry started and D got cleaned up and we headed to see the new 'Mummy' movie.  Home and everyone to bed from a long but fun day.  L&G went to stay with Gma&paB after G's team got knocked out of the tournament.