20160610 - Cabin in the Woods

20160610 - Up in the morning and DJ&I headed to Logan for D's double header. We dropped D off at the field and J&I to Walmart for food and $6 tarp. J&I got set up and had watched a couple of good games. Between games we ate our Walmart lunches. D's team won both and he got to play part of one game and part of the other. We got updates from L as the day went on and G won both of his games. After the games we headed to Smoke Rise Resort for our rustic cabin. It was WAY back at the end of a long twisty up and down road that ended with horses roaming around and a cute little campground. We asked around and found a local place to eat, Sikorski's Home plate family restaurant in Glouster OH. J&I had the steak dinner special and it was YUMMY! After dinner we stopped at the local dollar store to get some towels. We headed back to camp, got cleaned up, had a fire and stayed up talking a bit. It was a fun day!