20170617 - Baseball and Driving

20170617 - Up in the am and J&I hit Tudor's Biscuit World for bfast. It was pretty good. We headed back to the hotel and ran into D and the boys waiting for their ride to the fields. J&I got packed up and headed to the field. We sat in the press box again and kept score on the big scoreboard. D didn't play at all in the first game... We grabbed him and took him to lunch with us at T&L Hot Dogs, a cool little place the local guys suggested. After lunch we dropped D off at the hotel and J&I headed to the putt-putt place in Clarksburg. It was hot but we had a fun round of putt-putt. We headed back to the hotel where we just hung out, J did some swimming and we rested before heading back to the field. We headed up to the press box again to keep score. There was a local news team videoing the game that made it a bit more interesting for J. D played the entire game. The boys faced the team that was made up of mostly the high school team that just won the WV division 2 state championship. Their pitcher was crazy good and shut us out. This meant we were out of the brackets for Sunday, so DJ&I headed back to the hotel, packed up and headed home. We got home at 1am, got unpacked and to bed.