20170603 - Huge Snow Cone

20170603 - G&I up in the am and down for bfast at the hotel. L reported that D had a good game and they won! So they get to play for the championship tomorrow! G&I made our way to the field (actually on time), but we got there as the team walked away from the batting cage... On to play baseball and G had another good game and his team won. We were unsure if we were going to play a 2nd game so we hung out to see if a team scored, if they did we didn't have to play. G&I made our sandwiches and hung out waiting. I headed off to a shady spot to get some reading done and no long after the boys came and found me, the other team had scored so we didn't have to play. G&I headed to Sunny's Chicken for an awesome chicken dinner with the Kaufmans. We then split off and stopped at Meijer to get tomorrow lunch and gas. Back to the hotel for a bit and then we went putt-putting with the Kaufman family. G & Brady are so much a like they argue like brothers :-( After putt-putt G&I headed to the hotel where the team was and hung out for a bit. After G played a couple games of cornhole we headed to our hotel and called L on the way, she told us of her day, she went to Kelly's graduation party and helped out. Back to our hotel to get hot chocolate and head to bed.