20170619 - J the Picker

20170619 - Up in the am and in to work. It was a crazy day trying to get caught up from being out on Friday. I sat back in our secondary office in back most of day trying to get caught up. Home and ate quick, L reported a bad day with all the boys... J&G headed to Scouts, and I headed to an Athletic Boosters meeting. It was a short meeting and then headed to Scouts to see if there were any advancements. J&I swung by the bank on the way home. Home and DJG&I headed to Bible Bangers, no Doc tonight, and we had a snack and hung out. Dropped J&G off on the way home to pick a neat rolling tray thing and bring it home. Home and stayed up way to late worked on setting up a new program on the boys phones that will limit their usage as that is a huge source of the discontent.