20160602 - Lots of Baseball

20160602 - Up in the am and J was already gone, headed out for his 100 mile bike ride :-o G&I then headed out, started with a stop at the gas station, grocery store and then McD's. On the road and headed West. D had a game at noon and L picked up DGF7 and they went to watch him. They won, D played 2nd half of game, got a hit and L said they looked good. G&I made it to our hotel and then headed to the field at Grand Park in IN. The complex was HUGE. We finally found his team and got ready to play. G played the whole game at left and 2nd. He struck out and hit a nice single to left. G's team won by run rule after 3 12-0. After the game G&I split off and headed to Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream, home of the Big Ugly 1lb. burger, for an awesome meal! Back to the hotel for a min. and then to Meijer to get a cooler and some deli stuff for us to make our lunches tomorrow. On to the hotel where the rest of the team was so G could do some swimming and I hung out with the dads.  Back to the hotel, got some hot chocolate and headed to bed in good time.