20170604 - Champs and Catching Up

20170604 - Up int he am and G&I headed down for some bfast in the hotel lobby. Then we got all packed up and headed to the field. We got there (on time again) as the team was walking away from batting practice again... We had our first game of the day and it was a bit more challenging than the previous 2 games, but they won. That meant a second game was required. G&I made our sandwiches and had lunch, then on to game 2. Game 2 was even harder and the calls were questionable but consistent, G struck out looking twice :-o, a lot of kids did... But the boys powered through and won the second game. I took the long hike between games to move the car closer. Game 3 for the championship started and it was a super tough game. The score went back and forth and we it was pretty stressful. The boys pulled off the victory and were crowned champions of the tournament!

We got packed up and swung through McD's before heading home and a long 3.5 hour drive. It went pretty fast and everyone was there when we got home. I got things unpacked and then we settled in and everyone told of their weekend. G told all about the tournament and the fun things we did. D told how they lost their first game today so were knocked out and that he and DGF7 had gone to watch her sister play a couple evenings, J told about his 120 mile bike trip in great detail and he had a blast, what a great experience. We got the boys to bed and L&I caught up on all the details of her weekend. A long weekend with everyone in different places, not our favorite times.