20110627 - Fever -Pitch

20110627 - G was up throughout the night with a fever... All up, bfast and loaded. We made our first stop at a geocache to drop off a couple travel bugs.

We then went straight East to Lake Erie. We took our shoes off and walked on the water. This makes 4 of the Great Lakes in this one trip!

On the road and back in O-H ! We stopped in Bowling Green for lunch and to see the World's Largest bronze falcon.

Back on the road and I had several more stops planned, but with little G feverish and asleep we finished the trip home straight through. We got home, unpacked and settled in. LD&J back out to Vacation Bible School. G&I went to the Dr for his throat and the DQ for dinner. I got him all med'd up and we went back to the ball fields to watch some of the playoffs. All back home and Doc and I out to meet with the Bible Bangers.