20110626 - Rival Ground

20110626 - Up early and bfast for all. Then the boys and I went swimming in the pool one last time, plus hot tub, plus sauna. We packed up, said goodbye to the freezing waters of lake Michigan and hit the road.
Our first stop of the day was roadside in Kalkaska MI where we found a very rare tree, a shoe tree. Be sure to look close at this photo it is really awesome. We took a couple pictures and I flung my old worn out 'Cons' to the limbs of the mighty hardwood for future generations to enjoy :-)

On down the road a piece a we crossed paths with a giant lumberjack on the way to McD's for lunch on the go.

Not long after lunch we found the World's Largest mouse!

Close to this we found the cow that makes the cheese for the mouse...

After a serious long spell in the car we arrived in Frankenmuth. Here we walked around a bit and found a WWII German car, a huge flower chicken, World's Largest Santa, World's Largest Frosty, World's Largest ornaments and the World's Largest Christmas store.

Back on the road and into Ann Arbor, proudly displaying our OSU magnet on the hood of the car drawing some attention... We first stopped at the U of M Engineering school to see the Sine Wave Field.

Then through the nice downtown to the 'Big House'. Pretty impressive.

The last segment of the day to go and we pull in to Cabela's to see the World's Largest bronze wildlife sculpture.

We went inside too to check out this amazing store. The boys did some shopping and we stayed until the store closed.

The lady that checked us out recommended the River's Edge Pizza for dinner so we tried it. It was probably the best pizza any of us has ever had, AMAZING!!! To the hotel and off to the pool for a swim; we had a good time. We picked up some hot cocoa on the way back to the room and had time for a baseball game before bed.