20110602 - Fast Scattered

20110602 - Crazy fast pretty day. Sitting at desk all morning, helped Bob trim some trees at the baseball fields, to the bank to wire $ for Jeff, to J's relay race day, back home finished the day at the desk, calls, emails, ordering utilities... did i mention we bought another house today :-o
After an incredibly fast dinner L&G went to G's baseball game and J&I went back to D's baseball game. I kept score and tried to work in the concession stand, not so easy... L&G met us at D's game, G's team won his game and he told everyone about it ;-) D's team lost by not much again... they need a kick start.
Out running errands this evening, dropped off a check for the water install, a cable converter box, deposited 2 checks and bought lotto #s for June. Home trying to slow down enough to sleep...