20110624 - Rainy Day

20110624 - Everyone up, latest wakeup day so far, maybe because it is freezing cold and raining AGAIN!!! }:-|. We made the best of it and went to a children's museum where the boys had a really good time. Here is J on the water table making a lock and he moved ships up and down.

We then stopped by a local micro-brewery so I could check it out. We then went to the highly recommended 'Don's Drive-in' and had a sub-satisfactory meal :-( Back to the resort for some rest and some laundry. We then jumped back in the car and headed to the movies through the rain and saw 'Special 8'. It was a great movie and the boys really liked it. Back home for dinner and the first glimpse in days of the sun.

We suited up and headed to the pool and swam until 11:00pm.

Back to the room, cleaned up, had a fudge sampling and then all boys to bed.