20110604 - Hot Errands

20110604 - Up and working in the heat and yard on edging, mulching, shed cleaned out, re-potted some plants, L and the boys got her garden out in...  A short game of kickball with G and them in to get cleaned up and out on errands with the boys. DJG&I Harbor Freight, Payless and Panda express for dinner.

We were going to see a movie but J was not feeling good so we postponed the movie and got J home in time to start :-o Jen was over for dinner and a craft with L and D&I headed to blockbuster for movies. D&G watched 'Gnomeo and Juliet' and I hung out with sick J.

20110603 - Up and good start, got my lists rolling and stuff done. A Scout Dad stopped over to drop off some forms and got me out of the office for the first time today. L&D to D's 5th grade pool party. I had an interesting call that came in; D's Coach was going to be out of town and asked me to coach the team tonight :-o So I did and we we had a pretty good game. I played players in different positions and we had hitters. problem was they had great fielders and our fielding skills didn't show up tonight and we got run ruled :-( boy still had fun and got to try some new things. Home, boys cleaned up. I finally had dinner, got caught up on the blog and planning the weekend.