200110616 + Finishing up

200110616 + Up and at it. J @ camp and D&G hanging out around the house today. D mowed the yard, G played Wii and I worked, not sure where L went??? Getting lots of things off my list and winding down. I had a pay date today with the boys and they all cashed out of their myjobchart.com, some money for church, savings and vacation. After dinner the sky cleared up and Gma&paW showed up expecting to see some baseball... but it had rained like crazy tonight so all games cancelled, G pretty sad about it and D will miss his last game of the season. We then all thought since it cleared up we would go to the Scout night at the pool. When we got there it was closed, so we tried another... closed... so we went to the park. I left the boys with Gma&paW and got a hair cut. I met back up with the herd and we went to DQ for a snack. Home and boys cleaned up, i read a story and all boys in bed.

20110615 - Up slow day... D had another game tonight and it was rainy so I got our tent and we had a bunch of folks under it.  And the boys won tonight!
Home watched a movie with L.