20110625 - Wrap Up

20110625 - Everyone up and outside in the SUN!!! What a perfectly beautiful morning. The boys ran out to the beach and started building castles.

It didn't take them long to find some fiends and they had a gang of kids playing 'pickle'.

In for lunch and then out for some new experiences and everyone's favorite. But first J&I hit the bar for a couple drinks at our own bar :-)

On to the public harbor where there is a real steam powered train we got to ride.

We made a trip to the shopping strip where L got a thingy for her bracelet. We then loaded up and headed out of town to find the source of 'Moomers' ice-cream. We found it and everyone had a great treat!

Heading backing town I surprised the fam with a stop at Walgreens to get passport photos taken. That made L especially pleasant :-o Then it was time for everyone's choice... First up was J's favorite the zip line. J&D took took off and had a blast.

D was next and we found him some go-carts and everyone had a blast. It was L's first time driving a go-cart. G's turn and of course he picked put put golf. It was a funny round, one hole I hit the ball like 6 times and it kept bouncing back, then it popped across a stream and down into some soft mud ker-plop. I started to retrieve it and D thought he would help. He launched himself across the creek and landed in the same muck as the ball with a much louder Ker-Flump and came to a dead stop buried up to his knees in the muck. Then J jumped into action, thinking D was in quicksand and got stuck in the muck trying to rescue him.

Oh we all laughed so hard our sides hurt. Back to the resort to cook some brats on the grill with a Michigan fan, deep in enemy territory... While the boys shot eachother.

After dinner we went down to the beach and then hit the pool. We swam and had fun, then to the room for clean up, packing and dessert.