20110620 + 1st Day Downtown

20110620 + Up bfast, reading and relaxing.

Downtown Traverse City and found fabulous stores, toys, camping, toys, cherries, toys, antiques, toys, candy and toys.

We got neat stuff and had 'the best pizza ever' for lunch. We even got to help Chang the sign on the movie theatre!

We toured more of the area and found the old State Hospital (asylum). On the grounds was a monument to the World's Best milk giving cow.

Back to the the resort and out to the beach. We played in the sand and the lake a little bit. Once you got in the water, and the 2.754281 seconds it takes to numb the body part you submerged, it was nice :-s

Back up to the room to warm up and dry off. I cooked some sausages on the grill in the downpour under an umbrella with a beer. After dinner I took the boys swimming. Back to the room to watch the first half of Jaws 2 ;-)