20211112 - J Mono & Destroyer of Underpants

20211112 - Up in the am and L&G at school and J down in bed for day 2. I got around and to the desk and was tied up most of the day. J came down and made his way to the couch, pretty miserable. I finished the day and threw the ball to Hazel a couple of times but it was too cold to stay out long. I got around and ran to Arby's to pick us up some dinner. We watched a new movie 'Red Notice' while we ate. J not eating and still had a high temp, 103.  J wanted to go to the Dr. so L found him a place in Westerville that was still open and ran him to get a couple more test. They got home and the Dr. called with the results, Jack has Mono... A late night watching movies taking J meds every 3 hours.