20211110 - Paint and Paper

20211110 - Up in the am and L left early with Nicole to go visit Gma&paB and paint or put wallpaper up in their kitchen. G at school and J in bed not feeling well. I jumped on calls and started getting things done. J came down and headed to a Dr. appointment L set up for him and took some things to the post office for me. I took Hazel on a long walk. Home and J back from Dr. needs to go get a prescription, they're not sure what's wrong with him... J headed out to get his prescription. L,G&J home. J took his first round of meds and then headed out for a 'milkshake' I told it was not a good idea, that he was only feeling a bit better because he got some meds. Stupid me, what do I know. J got home about 11pm.