20211115 - Old Seats, New Seats

20211115 - Up in the am and L&G at school, J in bed and I got to the desk. I took care of the days task and all the new stuff, had to build a last minute app. J came down today and hung out on the couch. First time he's been down in days. I finished the day and went out to throw the ball with hazel a bit. L ran and got Panda Express for J, the first food he's asked for or eaten in days. L home and G&I headed downtown to watch the Buckeyes basketball game. We got there and found our seats at the top of the stadium. We headed down to get some snacks at halftime and then I walked right down to the floor and took a seat. I turned around and no G... I started eating my hotdog and got a text from him, he wasn't going to come down, afraid he'd get in trouble (just like his mom...). I sent him a pic of my view and told him to come down. G showed up and we watched the rest of the game. The Buckeyes won and we headed home. Home and and J still downstairs. G headed upstairs and LJ&I hung out and watched some TV.. L to bed, J to bed and I hung out and got some stuff done and watched a movie.