20211113 - TPd

20211113 - Up in the am and at the desk all morning getting things done and organized for next week. J still up in his room with a high fever. G, Hazel and I ran some errands, dropped off the two very fashionable purses I ordered for her but she didn't like... We then swung through Jet's and picked up a pizza. We drove to the post office boxes and G had a hard time finding the door in the top to put the larger packages in... I then ran him to his friend's house so he could watch the game. Home and L&I watched the Buckeyes football game and then some more games. G home with Andrew and then L ran Andrew home. I then ran G to Trent's for the night. I stayed up watching football on med duty with J taking him pills every 3 hours until very late, so L could sleep.