20210330 + Fixing Things

20210330 + Up in the am and J headed to work and L ran to get groceries. I got a couple things done on the computers and then packed up the car with supplies and headed to the Farm. I got to the Farm and met GpaW at the Farmhouse. We got the kitchen sink faucet removed and figured out what additional parts we needed and headed to Boliantz to get them. We took Gma&paW's new car so I could see it and listen to a weird noise it was making. We got the the store and got our parts and hit McD's on the way back. Once we got the Farm I climbed under the car and found a loose bolt that holds on a shield under the car. I tightened that up and think it was the noise issue. In to the Farmhouse and we got the new kitchen faucet installed pretty quickly and it works! GmaW showed up for a bit and then headed up to their house to do some paperwork. GpaW & I then got a screen door fixed and headed outside to fix some wagon wheels. Overall he was in good spirits and we had lots of discussions throughout the day on what to do with the Farmhouse, Barn and land. lots of discussion to have and decisions to be made. After the repairs were done we headed up to the house to check in with GmaW before I hit the road. GpaW sent me a text as I was driving back and the bolt that was tightened under their new car apparently took care of the rattling noise! Home and had a burger with L&G and D showed up with some of his friends to pick up a power strip and play in the backyard a bit. G&I headed out for batting practice. Home and watched some basketball before heading to bed.