20210314 + Bath

20210314 + Up and L made a big breakfast for us and we used some of the sap we have been boiling down for our pancakes. We then headed outside and trimmed some of the grasses along the solid dog fence. Andy and his daughter stopped by to pick up some booster stuff. We finished up and I got a couple things shipped and Hazel and I ran G out to Hanna park to be with some of his buddies. Hazel and I on to the dog park where she trotted around for about an hr. We headed home, got her a frosty on the way. home and watched OSU basketball with L, they lost. Hazel and I ran out to pick G and pizzas up (have to have pizzas on pi day...). Home and we ate and watched the brackets get picked for the NCAA Tournament. L&I hung out a bit and then I headed in to the office to do taxes and L watched American Idol. Took a break and we chatted with Gma&paW. Back in to the office and finished up tax stuff about 12:45am and Hazel and I drove across town and dropped off the paperwork at the accountants. Home and watched the Walking Dead. Only slept about 3 hrs.