20210305 - Barking Mad

20210305 - Up and worked all day. J&G no school so they were out with their friends. L ran and picked G up, he got some stuff together while I dropped off a shipment at the post office. Home and got L&G and we dropped G off at a buddy's for the night and then swung by Jimmy John's to pick up some dinner. Home and to the basement to watched 'Little Shop of Horrors' that a local school was putting on that we could watch live. A friend of ours daughter had a lead roll. It was pretty good for a high school production and Hazel did NOT like it, she watched every movement on the big screen and barked at the kids. D&DGF13 stopped by and watched a bit with us and J came home and watched some too. the kids left and L&I came back upstairs and watched a bit more TV before heading to bed.