20210320 - Tag Day

20210320 + Up in the am and sent out a blast that started Tag Day. I then headed across town to pick up a key and head to the high school where we set up the Tag Day HQ. Tag day was a bit different but we pulled in a lot of funds. We were there for a couple of hours and I sent out updates as info came in. At noon we headed out and went to get pick up some auction wins at 3 different place. Home and Hazel and I headed to the dog park for an hour and then through Wendy's to get frosty's and see J. Home and L ran to meet her girlfriends for a bit. Home to a backyard of boys. G and his buddies were all over town today. I hung out at home and watched over G and his friends and get the camera on the playset working again. I listened to the neighbors dogs barking like crazy and him swearing at me... L home and her and I went over to the Pettit's for dinner and watch the OU basketball game. We did run out and see the international space station fly over. It was a really nice visit and OU won. Home and G and his friends came down to play trouble with me and make ramen noodles. L headed to bed and I stayed up on the computer and watched a movie and listen to the boys playing their video games.