20210321 - Double Birdie

20210321 - Up in the am and G and his friends that spent the night had some bfast. L was out cleaning off the back porch and the neighbor and his dogs were out smoking weed, barking and raising hell. After one of his pot head friends joined him and started swearing at L&I I called the police... We got the porch cleaned up, got the TV mounted out there an watched some basketball waiting for the police. After a couple hours, and no police, Hazel and I headed to the the pet store to replenish her treats. We then headed to the dog park for a short play. Home and L had cooked out on the grill and we had dinner on the patio for the first time this year. The police finally showed up and I chatted with them a bit. It was way past the time I called them and there was no activity taking place that they could act on... L&I sat on the porch a bit longer before heading in to watch American Idol. Chris stopped over and we headed down to watch The Walking Dead and I sent one last blast for the Booster's Tag Day. We watched out show and Chris took off. J home from work and L&I chatted with him a bit, G down and things closing up for the night. Gma&paW called and gave us an update on GpaW's second opinion and it was to use the course of treatment the other Dr. had prescribed as well, so right path is now clear. We chatted for a bit and L faded off and I stayed up to write a police report.