20210323 - Salvation?

20210323 - Up in the am with joyous cries from L and texts and pics from all the neighbors. There is a moving truck next door! I am not trying to get my hopes up, but the signs do look promising. GOD IS GOOD!!! I contacted the police department and let them know so they could serve the CPO before he moves and they can't find him. I found out this morning that they have already made two attempts... J home after his one class today, he played with Hazel and ate the rest of the day. I was at the desk getting things done and wrapping up loose ends on the migration project. L home didn't take Hazel on a walk today, she didn't want to run in to the neighbors loading things. After work I went out and threw Hazel the ball a bunch. It is amazing how peaceful the backyard and neighborhood already feel with the neighbors dogs gone and the stigma of them just being in the house... L ran and got G from track and then we ate outside for the first time in peace and quiet since they moved in back in October of 2019. G&I headed out to his hitting lessons and then to Dick's to get some cleats and socks for him. Home and watched some TV.