20210328 - Cookie Cookers

20210328 - Up in the am and it was rainy and crappy out. I got a bunch of things done on the PC in the morning. In the afternoon Hazel and I headed to the dog park. There weren't many dogs there but she had fun. We only stayed about 30 min before heading to Wendy/s for a frosty. We ordered and didn't realize J served us our food.. thought he wasn't supposed to be there until 5... Home and I washed Hazel's muddy feet in the tub and then watched some basketball with L. G headed out to meet some buddies that ended up back at our house. Later in the evening I headed out to pick up some dinner at Taco Bell and Burger King. Gma&paW called me while I was on the road. Home and we started eating, Chris showed up and we headed to the basement to watch the Walking Dead and chat about his work a bit. He had brought some food he cooked today in his new deep fryer and it was amazing. Headed to bed in good time but couldn't sleep, 3:45 last look.