20210322 + Not Served :-(

20210322 + Up in the am and everyone at school and Hazel sleeping on the back of the couch while I dealt with some system issues. I received a call from one of the detectives with the City and he was unaware of the CPO. I got all the files sent to him and he is passing along to the City Prosecutor. I headed in to the office and dug in to some work tasks. L home from school and took Hazel out back and immediately the neighbors dogs started barking ad attacking the fence... So she took her on a walk. I got a couple more things done for work and the City Prosecutor called me to discuss the video I sent. We chatted for 15 minutes and reviewed the video and he believes it is a prosecutable offense. The Prosecutor is going to call the detective back and set the arrest in motion. J&G home from school. The police detective called me back to let me know that the neighbor has not yet been served... So they are not sure that they will be able to prosecute for his actions... L ran G to baseball practice and then L&I ate. After dinner Hazel and I went to get G from practice. Home and L&I watched some American Idol and I played with Hazel a bit. Boys down late and we all had ice cream before heading to bed.