20210329 - Concrete Mowing

20210329 - Up in the am and L and Hazel headed to Gma&paB's for the day. I had escalations starting right at 9. Off the ph for a min at 1:15 and asked J when he was supposed to be at work, 10am... so he is late and apparently it is my fault... Back to the desk to wrap up the weekend and get this week rolling. I spent some time walking around the yard on the phone and then got more done and tried to get G out of the house. Took another walk while talking to Lonie and found Bob mowing the sidewalk... We chatted for a bit, it was nice to catch up. Back to the desk and got more things done. Headed outside and waited for L and Hazel to get home, G had friends in the yard. L home and we caught up on the day, she had a nice visit with Gma&paB. In and watched some TV.