20210319 - Tripped Up

20210319 - Up in the am and everyone at school. J home early as he only has 1 class on certain days. I got some morning things done and then headed out to get G to take him to the orthodontist. On my way out J was getting Hazel in from a dig fest and she was covered in mud so they were headed to he bathroom to wash her up... I got G and we made a quick trip to get his braces fixed and then back home. G fussed around making some food because 'mom didn't have any bfast ready for me this morning and I'm starving...'  RIGHT... I jumped on the PC and got back to work. A busy day with good progress and the project wrapped up with only a couple loose ends to clean up next week. Out of the office and Hazel and I ran to get Chinese for dinner. G and Hazel were playing and G fell over her. LG&I had dinner and then I watch the new Justice League movie that was 4 hours long. J at work, G on the Xbox and L dead asleep from a long week.