20210207 - Further

20210207 - Up in the am and helped J with some chemistry before he headed to work. L headed out on a couple errands and I headed in to the office to do some ebay and organization stuff. Out of the office and Hazel and I headed out to the dog park. It was super cold but there were like 20 dogs there. Hazel stayed close and safe and had one mean dog bark in her face as she sat between my legs. When the grumpy dog left she played a bit with some nice dogs and after about an hour we headed to Wendy's to get her a frosty. Home and we had our snack, no bath today everything was frozen so no mud. We had our snack and then I dug in to seeing how to help J with his grades. He is right his Chemistry teacher is making things way harder than any of his other teachers... L got some snacks ready and G&I headed downstairs to watch the Super Bowl on the big screen. J got home from work and went to visit a friend. We watched the game and then headed to bed.