20210213 - Soldering

20210213 + Up in the am, had some bfast and in to the office to plan the weekend and next week. I heard L yell from the kitchen 'THERE'S WATER UNDER THE SINK!'... I did an investigation and could feel a crack in the bottom of one of our old copper pipes. I took some measurements and pics and came up with a plan. I got the boys up and L hazel and I headed out. We dropped off some shipments, stopped at the gas station to turn in our winning lotto scratch off for another one, second one was a loser :-(  On to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins, then Lowe's to get copper pipe and they had nothing larger than 3/4" We then headed to the dog park. Hazel stayed close for about the first 30min and then got a little braver and ran with another smaller dog. After an hr at the dog park we drove through Wendy's to get Hazel her frosty and then a stop at Gahanna Hardware to get some 1 1/2" copper pipe. Home and dug in to the drain repair and after about 2 hours I got the old cracked pipe unsoldered and an new pipe soldered in. We tested it and we are good! I got the tools cleaned up and we ordered Chipotle to support the GLHS Bowling team. Hazel and I ran to get dinner and L finished cleaning up the kitchen and put things back under the sink. Home and we ate and L&I watched Red Sparrow. J home from work and we all settled in for the night.