20210218 - Midnight Pic

20210218 - Up in the am and L at work and J&G doing school from home today. Hazel and I did our morning thing and then I headed in to the office. A friend of mine from Holland reached out, his dog passed away a couple of days ago. Their dog was a goldendoodle named Lilly, purchased and named after our Lilly after they visited us years ago. She was outside and saw a swan on the pond, went after the swan and fell through the ice and floated under, unable to break through and get out. So sad... G got outside a bit today, shoveled the drive and took Hazel out a bit. L home and took Hazel on a walk and gave J a hair cut. I finished my day and Hazel and I went out to install a camera on the playset, she went down the slide by herself a couple times. Camera works AMAZING, see the pic that was taken at midnight!. In for dinner. J went to a friends, G ate with us and then back upstairs. i played with Hazel a bit and then L&I watched some TV. J home and G down at 10pm to start cooking and eating again.