20210228 + Checking Buckets

20210228 + Up in the am and got a couple of things together. Then L&I tried to go to dog park but it was closed, so we went back home and took a big walk down to Creekside. When we got downtown the Creekside trails were all closed due to high water from the snow melting and the rain. We walked around for a bit and then back home. J headed to work and Hazel and I ran to Burger King to pick up some dinner. Home and we watched some TV while we had dinner. G joined us and we sorted a huge pile of cords L gathered from upstairs. We watched American Idol and then L yelled as the pot on the stoves was smoking, I burned the sap we had collected so far... GpaW gave us a call to let us know what was going on this week, he has an appointment tomorrow to get his test results back. We finished watching our shows, J home and we all headed to bed preparing for a busy week.