20210216 - No Like Boots

20210216 - Up in the am and everyone home, L made some blueberry muffins and J&G got online for school, no such thing as snow days anymore with all this technology... Hazel and I are out of sorts with all these people around all the time, and I got my morning wrapped up and in to the office for a call. Spent the day very busy and got a bunch moved forward. L took Hazel on a walk and dressed her in her ridiculous sweater and boots, she hates the boot... Out of the office and L had made some chili and cornbread. We ate and then J came down, confirmed his homework is done and went over to a friends for a bit. G down and ate and then vanished. L&I hung out watching TV, Gma&paW called and we chatted and D&DGF13 stopped by to pick up some warm weather clothes so he could work outdoors all day tomorrow. Up late doing nothing.