20210214 - Cocktails & Chocolate

20210214 - Up in the am and L tried on her new Valentines Day dress I got her :-) L headed out to get some groceries, J headed to work and G started his last day of quarantine by heading back to the school to shoot the basketball. I got a couple things done on the PC and then caught up on the blog and started listing things on ebay. L home and I helped her get the groceries in and then bundled up and Hazel and I headed out to Goodwill to drop some stuff off and then on to the dog park. There were way too many dogs there today and Hazel and I kept our distance from the large barking biting packs and she played with a couple other smaller dogs that stayed out of the mayhem. We were there about an hour and then headed home with a quick stop to get a frosty from J. Home and L got Hazel cleaned up and I got ready for a night out. Bill and Tiff showed up and we headed to Creekside Cocktail & Chocolate Trail downtown. It was a little program where we got a passport from the visitors bureau and then walked around to 8 of the local businesses at Creekside and had some food and drinks and looked at art and just hung out and caught up. D and DGF11 met up with us towards the end. Home and we watched American Idol to round off a nice day.