20210215 - Lookouts

20210215 - Up in the am and amazingly there is no school today... J headed to work and I had some bfast with L and Hazel and got a couple things done before heading in to the office. In to the office for the day and got a bunch of things moved forward and ready for next steps. Done for the day and came out to play with Hazel a bit while L got some dinner together. J home from work, he ran and got Conor and they went to Panera just as it started to sleet. They were only there a bit before they realized they need to get off the roads and came back to our house to study. I listed some things on ebay and played with Hazel and let her out and in about a hundred times, she loves the snow and coming back inside covered in ice pellets and shaking them off everywhere. J ran Conor home and L & Hazel watched them clean off his car. J made it home safe and L&I watched some TV to end the night.