20210227 - 123 Burrs

20210227 - Up in the am and got a couple of things done and then L Hazel and I headed out for a couple errands. We went up to the pet store to get Hazel some more treats and swung by the Home Depot, but it was too busy on this pretty day so we decided to come back later. Home and we dropped L off and Hazel and I headed to Andy's to drop off some raffle tickets and then meet coach Shade at the baseball field to drop off the hot dog steamer. On to the dog park and it was a muddy mess and there were far too many big dogs and pit bulls there for Hazel and I to feel comfortable so we only stayed for a little bit. Since it was a short trip I decided to take Hazel over to the river side and let her see what she thought of the water... Well she fell in, over her head and I had to help her get out. She then ran and shook for a bit right in some burr bushes and got completely tangled up! I got her out of there, got her in the car and we went straight home, she cried the whole way home. I carried her in to the bathtub and then worked on her for about an 45 minutes taking each bur out one at a time from her twisty curly hair. Once she was free from the burrs L gave her a bath and she could quite crying. Once she dried off a bit I took her through the drive through at Wendy's to get her frosty. Home and did a couple of things around the house, J headed in to work and Owen came over to spend the night with G. I played them at Trouble and beat them twice in a row. G made ramen noodles for them, Owen had never had them before. The boys headed upstairs, L headed to bed and I watched a couple movies waiting for J to get home. J home, checked in and I headed to bed late.