20200412 - Fun & Games

20200412 - Up in the am and L&I had some cinnamon rolls she made. We got the boys up and they came down and we watched Joel Olesten with us, they liked him. They then vanished up and out to be on their electronics. I got my office closet cleaned out and got some things organized wile watching some TV. L took Lilly on a walk and D&I looked at repairs for the playset and shed. Back in and L home and cooked us up an Easter feast. We ate together and then the boys cleaned up. We got Scattergories out and played 12 rounds, we played for a couple hours, and we laughed and head a great time. L got us together for a picture before they headed to electronics. L&I watched some American Idol and prepared for next week. G down and we watched Police Academy 7. To bed and watched last week's Walking Dead.