20200421 - Game of LIFE

20200421 - Up in the am and had some peanut butter toast with L and Lilly. Headed in to the office to work and get on some calls. Spent a big chunk of time working on D's classes for next year. Finished up the work day and took some pics for ebay. L making dinner, D up in his room, J skateboarding somewhere and G in the shed. L made dinner for us and we all ate together. We then played the game LIFE for a bit before separating, D&J to their rooms and G to the shed to get on their electronics and L&I watched a movie. Gma&paW called and we may to the MSD@F in a couple of weeks when the restrictions lighten up. I posted some things on ebay. G came in, got a snack and then we watched a movie, "Nice Guys' until too late.