20200424 - Fast Friday

20200424 - Up in the am and had some bfast with L and watched the opening bell while she did all kind of cleaning. I headed in to the office and got the day rolling and heard the boys moving. Paid some bills and got a ton of work done today. D worked on removing the steps to the basement. I Finished up the day with a managers zoom and then D&I ran to the post office and Gahanna Grill to pick up dinner. Home and we all ate. LDJ&I played the frisbee bottle game for a bit while G screamed in the shed. D&J in to play on their electronics. L&I watched a cute little movie, 'Charlie Barttlet'. G came in and we stayed up and watched 'Bio Dome', G laughed out loud at it. I headed to bed and boys were on electronics until late.