20200404 + Maple Syrup Day at the Farm (almost)

20200404 + Up in the am and got some things together. L headed out to do a walk with her girlfriends, she took homemade masks for all of them. Today would have been the Maple Syrup Day at the Farm so I headed out to the backyard, lit a fire and finished boiling down the sap we collected to keep the tradition alive. Headed in and got the boys up, made a list of things that need done outside. Sent D&G to Home Depot but the line was too long so they came home. L got the porch all cleaned up and I wanted to get the big TV out there so I ordered a TV D could take to college with him and for the first time in 3 weeks headed out. We pulled up to the store and some kids ran the TV out. L cooked dinner, we ate and then the boys went back to play wiffle ball, L joined them. IN and we watched some TV.