20200410 - Hat Head

20200410 - Up in the am and had some bfast with L and watched some news as the day started. We are shocked that people think it is over or that it still isn't any big deal... I headed in to the office to finish the week. Got a bunch of work done and paid bills. Boys up late, D ran some ebay things to the post office form me, J&G doing homework. The boys all headed to Home depot and got some mulch. Then got home and L made us dinner. After dinner LDG&I watched James Bond, from Russia with Love. The boys then hit their electronics and L got on a call with her girlfriends and I had a call with the Bourbon & Bonfire Boys. G finally came in from being out in the cold shed with a stocking hat on all day and his hair was so bad even the skeleton wouldn't look at him.  G&I stayed up and watched Police Academy 5