20200422 + Hamburger Helper

20200422 + Up in the am and had bfast with L. Did some email and unemployment stuff for L before heading in to the office. Heard L getting the boys up as I started calls. Had a good busy day of getting things done. Boys up and got their school work done. D&G climbed around int he attic and crawl space to remove some old cameras and wires for me, J went skateboarding. L went to meet her girlfriends at a park for a walk. I finished the day and cooked some hamburger helper for dinner. J&L home and we all ate. After dinner we took a break, L&boys on electronics and I listed stuff on ebay, and then got back together and watched 'The Core'. After the movie L headed to bed, D&J headed up to their electronics and G&I watched 'Danger Close'. To bed late.