20200416 - My Vision

20200416 - Up early in the am and to the Endocrinologist. I have been feeling better since started to take 2x the pills and it was a good visit.  2 of my 3 thyroid #s are back in line and everything is headed in the right direction. I swung through McD's and brought some bfast home and started in at the desk. Lonie is doing good today and was released to go home after a heart ultrasound.  When I came out for lunch L had the boys up and I ate and took a little nap. Back at the desk to to finish the day. D ran and got us some pizza and we all had dinner together. After dinner DJG&I played a Frisbee game in the backyard. It was fun and I made them all play one round with a stocking cap pulled over one eye so they could get a sense of what I see. It was a hoot and fun. In and L&I watched some TV while the boys got on their electronics.