20200429 - Dusty!

20200429 - Up in the am and started working. Got things rolling with the team and then D&I headed to Home Depot to get floor sanding equipment. We got everything we needed and headed home. I got LD&J rolling and they started sanding down our hardwood floors. G headed out to the shed and set up my office in the living room as everything else is covered with plastic. I got some work stuff done and checked on the workers throughout the day. When I logged off of work we had just finished the 36 grit sanding of the 3 rooms and the hall. L&I wanted to quit for the night but D pushed us so we changed everything to 60 grit and started the process over. J got in a tangle with the edge sander and it ripped through his pants and tore his leg up a little. He bandaged himself up and checked out. LD&I finished up the 60 grit and then D pushed us again to do the 80 grit. So we dug in and sanded our brains out and finished up about 9pm with all 3 grits, day one done! We all got cleaned up and relaxed our aching bodies for the night.