20200417 + Social Distance Visit

20200417 + Up in the am and had some bfast with L and in to the PC for work. Spent some time moving investments around today and putting the stimulus check we got in them market.  Done with my day and decided to get out of the house. So L&I invited the boys but no one wanted to go so we headed out. We stopped by the McClain's for a visit and chatted on their front porch. We picked up some wings from Flanagan's, I was the only person with any protection on in the place... We swung through McD's to get L a Coke & fries. Home and we started to eat and tried to figure out what movie to watch and J lost his mind in defiance and I returned in kind... So not a great night. Ended up in the basement with D&G and we watched Lethal Weapon 4.