20200427 + Locker Up

20200427 + Up in the am, G up early for some reason. Had some bfast and then in to the office to get things rolling for the week. L&G cleaning up from all the work this weekend. I dug in and heard the boys get up. L scooted around on the floor and removed the quarter round on the hardwood floors, I worked throughout the day and  D&G made a run to Home Depot but the line was to long and they returned shortly, J left to go skateboarding. I finished the day and then headed out to the garage to put tools away  D grilled dinner and we all got together to eat. After dinner L cleaned up, the boys ran to there electronics and I finished cleaning up the garage and put a new lock on the back door. L&I hung out a bit until J&D had to get on their Scout call, I skipped both the Scout and Bible Bangers tonight. The boys eventually wrapped up their electronics and G came down for ice cream and we watched ‘Major League’, he loved it. Off to bed and watched some TV and then read some in the new Bible.