20180922 + Homecoming

20180922 + Up in the am and LG&I headed to Pickerington to watch J run. J got a personal best of 19:44 and came in 38th out of hundreds! After the race we headed home and stopped at a little roadside stand to get a pumpkin and some corn stalks. Home and Gma&paB arrived for a cookout and watch OSU football, the Coles arrive shortly after. D home for Homecoming, he got dressed up nice and  L and GmaB & Nicole went to take pictures of D&DGF7. Shortly after J all dressed up nice for Homecoming, he's going with a group of friends. L, GmaB & Nicole went to take pictures and he's spending the night at his buddy's. Everyone took off, L&I hung out watched more football G on Xbox. D home late and we chatted a bit.