20180911 + Special Track Help

20180911 + Up in the am and dropped J at school and headed in to work. VERY quiet morning in the office and I got a lot lined up and ready to tackle when folks get in. Day was pretty productive, but not as fruitful as I had hoped. Looks like the project I am working on is going to be 2-4x the original anticipated cost. Home and teaching L how to ship ebay stuff... she's doing pretty good. L cooked some dinner and I ran to pick J up at the DQ after his extended practice where the XC team helped some local kids train for the Special Olympics. Home and J&I joined L&G at their in progress fish dinner that was pretty yummy. Immediately after dinner J had some friends pick him up and he went to a Bible study. G headed to the basement for a Fortnite coma and L&I headed to the gym to work out. It was a nice workout and we grabbed some dried fruit and nuts for my lunches at Kroger after and got some gas. Home and J home and we turned off electronics and headed to bed.